Sığacık for History,

Gardenia for Nature

and Comfort



Ebru A.


The best place to stay in Sığacık. With its cleanliness, the elegance of the rooms, the breakfast, the warmth and interest of the staff and the owner of the hotel, it is the only place to go for Sığacık. Also, it is close to everywhere because it is in the center. I would definitely recommend.
Süreyya Y.

Highly Recommended

A warm friend’s house in Sığacık😍 A clean, beautiful, tastefully and delicately created place… Each room has a different character, a different surprise… Hospitality, sincerity and ahh that wonderful breakfast😊 Well done to everyone, especially Murat Bey. .. If you go to Sığacık, no other place can be considered👌 Highly recommended. 👍🏼❤️ Süreyya&Vedat



The hotel is the best hotel in the city in terms of location and architecture, the absolutely friendly staff that makes the hotel above the others, and the hotel manager who took care of you until the last minute, my wife and friends, I can’t explain, thank you.

Delicious Breakfast

Everything was perfect. The decoration of the hotel is great, the breakfast is delicious, the cleanliness and service is number 10. When the smiling face, helpfulness and special interest of the hotel staff are added to this beautiful thing, something magnificent has emerged. You can trust with your eyes closed.