Located in İzmir, Seferihisar Sığacık, the Gardenya Boutique Hotel - presenting a visual feast with is unique architecture and rich texture, is located at Kaleiçi, the center of Sığacık. With its unique concept, Gardenya brings a new perspective of boutique hotel business to Sığacık and offers a its customers a truly happy shelter. Whoever wants to escape from city noise and the crowd of big cities who wishes to spend a peaceful holiday, will be fascinated by the charming atmosphere of Turkey's first calm city, Sığacık.

Gardenya with its 6 rooms, and Gardenya Avlu (courtyard) with 11 rooms helps you come together as one with the nature. With its exclusive rooms with hammams and jakuzzis, Gardenya distinguishes itself from other boutique hotels and emphasizes its guests' priorities. The special designed Gardenya Avlu, with an open courtyard private to its guests is a hidden garden.

You can stay connected to the world with Wi-Fi internet service, available at every single corner of our hotel. You can use the safety deposit box in your room to secure your valuable belongings. You have free access to cable television channels so that you can enjoy your comfort when you are in your room.

The Reception desk of Gardenya Boutique Hotel provides service from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM. You The natural and organic breakfasts prepared under the slow food concept of Seferihisar, gives you the opportunity to a happy start of the day. With the Gardenya breakfasts, prepared from solely natural and organic ingredients you will be able to justify the poet. Yes, a good breakfast is indeed directly related to happiness!