Sığacık for History,
Gardenya For
Naturalness & Comfort

Gardenya Hotel in Sığacık, Seferihisar welcomes you with its elegance and its aesthetic architecture. Listed among the hotels in İzmir Seferihisar, Gardenya fits in the historical texture of Sığacık with its specially designed boutique hotel concept. The slow food concept is first used in Seferihisar, again as part of the Cittaslow philosophy.

Opposing the fast-food culture, globalization and rapid consumption overall; with the preservation of local flavours, prioritizing organic, natural food, up-lifting slow instead of fast food, Cittaslow motives are reflected on the serving of breakfasts in Gardenya, Sığacık. With is vegetables grown organically in Sığacık, non-gmo eggs collected from cage free chickens, completely natural milk and natural olives, grown in the Aegean area, sourdough yoghurt and honey from our own farm and homemade marmalades, with boyoz, a special taste of İzmir and various sorts of bread breakfast tables turn into an amazing visual and tasty feast.

Gardenya Boutique Hotel perfectly suitable for special events, weddings and engagement ceremonies, and meetings due to its well-protected, comfortable and peaceful structure. You can enjoy the fireplaces in the elegant and comfortable hotel rooms which every one of them has their names from different flowers and you can discover the happiness in the serenity at the Boutique Hotel Gardenya. Isn't it amazing to spend your holiday and to work in peace along with the nature?